Fertilizer Chart

DTE Fertilizer Chart  

Understanding the NPK Ratio

What the numbers mean on our fertilizer bags and boxes

Fertilizers are labeled with numbers and these numbers represent the three nutrients (elements) that are
contained in each bag or box. This is a code to quickly tell you the nutrients at a glance and it's
 called the NPK Ratio.
Nitrogen (N) - Phosphorus (P) - and Potassium (K)

For example,
Our All Purpose Mix 4-6-2 is a Blended Fertilizer  comprised of all three nutrients in this ratio:
4 (N)  6 (P) 2 (K)
whereas our Blood Meal 12-0-0 is a Single Ingredient Fertilizer  with a single source of (N) of nitrogen. 
Each nutrient plays specific and complementary roles. 

N = Nitrogen - Energizes vegetative growth,
P = Phosphorus - Produces expansive roots, flowers, fruits and viable seeds.
K = Potassium - (or potash) Promotes resistance to disease and temperature stress. 

Most fertilizers will also contain varying amounts of the secondary macronutrients – calcium, sulfur and magnesium – along with trace elements or micronutrients.
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